Painting Tips

Rolman Painting LLC interior & exterior residential painting tips for Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Spring Hill & other surrounding TN communities.

Exterior Painting

Have you looked closely at outside of your home recently? Are you seeing the wear of sun and weather on your homes paint? For many people, that means it’s time to start thinking about a new coat of paint for your house. The key secret to successful exterior painting is preparation.

Whether you plan on painting the house yourself, or you are hiring Rolman Painting’s professional team to do it, there are a number of tasks that need to done in order to get your home ready for its new look.

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Clean and Smooth Everything You Intend to Paint

Make sure that all the surfaces you plan on painting have been thoroughly cleaned. You can use a pressure hose with a safe detergent to thoroughly cleanse the entire exterior of your house. To eliminate and protect against mildew, you can use a detergent with mildewcide (or alternatively mix one quart of household bleach in three quarts of water). Don’t forget to rinse the surface after you are done cleaning.

Next, check that the entire exterior is smooth and free of cracking paint.

Putty and Caulking

Use putty and caulk to fill in any cracks, nail depressions, or other gaps where you intend to paint. When finding that there is some old caulk that has started to wear, scrape that away and apply new caulk and prime.

Prime Potential Trouble Areas

If there are any exposed spots where the previous coat of paint has peeled away, apply primer. Leave ample time for it to dry.

Clean the Gutters

Next step is to clean the exteriors of your gutters and downspouts. If they have been factory–coated, aluminum gutters and downspouts should last for several years without any special care. However, if they have been previously painted, scrape away any rust or peeling paint and sand down the edges until they are smooth. Under the eaves, wash any protected areas with water from a garden hose. Wait for the surface to dry, then apply a self–priming metal and wood enamel.

Sometimes new gutters and downspouts have been coated with a fabricating oil. You will need to remove this oil before painting. You can purchase an oil & grease emulsifier for this, and then prime the surface with a latex product.

Prep Any Masonry and Stucco

If your house exterior is brick or masonry, check for a buildup of white powder or efflorescence. This can be removed with a wire brush and scraper. For newly constructed homes with stucco surfaces, allow at least two months before you apply a primer or topcoat.

Place Drop Cloths

Use drop cloths to protect your lawn, as well as any flowerbeds below where you intend to paint. Gently cover and tie up shrubs and small trees as well.

Contact Rolman Painting today, and we’ll be glad to walk you through the process of how to get your house ready for its new coat of paint.